Womb Club Tokyo J. Jurado Mix

In the hip, trendy, populated urban environment of Tokyo, there is Womb – the number one club in Japan and mecca of any DJ on the Planet. A pilgrimage that must be fulfilled once in your lifetime – either to play or just to be there.

Womb’s reputation for strong visual production coupled with Space’s audio/visual infrastructure which is second to none can only mean good things for people who love good times. Get In!
Boasting one of the biggest mirrorballs in the world and as many lasers as the Death Star.
Womb Club Shibuya Tokio 02 Womb has very carefully styled itself as a paragon of “cool” in Tokyo’s clubbing scene, everything is meticulously arranged to ensure a night out at Womb is a uniquely “cool” experience. In other words, Womb has branded itself – it is a “total club concept”

It’s not just its location- in arguably the hippest urban metropolis on the planet. What makes this cavernous club so special are its details, which are just right.

No only right but the ambience is indescribable – utterly enveloping, warm, almost cozy.

Mix 333 Womb Club Mix Tokio 600

Enjoy The Mix.

Womb NightClub
2-16 Maruyamacho, Shibuya,
Tokyo 150-0044, Japan
Phone: +81 3-5459-0039