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Warung Beach Club

On November 2002 when Warung oppened its doors….It was and still is the perfect combination of Music, Melody, Magic and Mystery all put together with Perfect Harmony! The simple meaning of the word ‘Warung’ speaks for it- hence it needs no description. Warung comes from the native language of Brazil and means ‘Home’. Warung Beach Club in fact is decorated using their native theme of Bali Island as its backdrop.Warung Beach Club 04To believe in the charisma of this club and the effect its atmosphere has on people, it is advised to visit during summer when the fun and enjoyment levels touch new heights. Brazil is known across the globe for its amazing carnivals. People look forward to the events and festivals taking place through out the year. It’s not just fests and festivities that attract people to Brazil; its cities and their charm are also responsible for making Brazil a buzzing travel option when it comes to holidaying. Cities like Rio and Warung are apt examples to showcase the spirit of an ordinary Brazilian.Warung Beach Club 01Renato has combined nature, technology and location for over a decade now.  As a club it is a reference in the international arena. His concept involves: bars and baths, two dance floors (one outdoor and one principal) with a capacity for over 2000 people, staterooms and lounges. With the purpose of exclusive dedication to electronic music, the club has a maximum capacity of 2,500 people per event. All the decorations and furniture are unique and were chosen by the owners personally while on a trip to the island of Bali. Chairs, tables, benches, sofas and pillows, chandeliers, sculptures in stone and wood filled two cargo containers. The Warung Beach Club did not take long to be considered the number one club concept of electronic music in Brazil. Renato won several awards and has been quoted in media reports around the world.Warung Beach Club 02A night at Warung is equal to no other. Therefore, all are special. In addition to the name, the theme, decor and design all have a strong connection with the islands of Indonesia. Warung is built facing the sea on the paradise beach Brava Itajai, one of the most detached from the coast of Santa Catarina in Brazil.  It is a haven in the Praia Brava preserve, with clean sand and sea- the entire region is heavily geared for tourism.  From the main balcony of the mezzanine, you will have a privileged view of the entire Brava Beach and neighboring Camboriú. Warung Beach Club has emerged as a new and impressive choice of quality entertainment and recreation for Santa Catarina and all over southern Brazil.Warung Beach Club 08It’s not hard to see why Warung Beach Club has earned a near mythical reputation. Perched at the edge of the jungle on the South American coast, few clubs can rival its setting. Then there’s the famous Brazilian party spirit that keeps the dancefloor vibing past sunrise. Expect that to be a very good looking dancefloor, too. With an outdoor deck at one end and DJ booth at the other, the long tepee-like main room creates a heightened atmosphere. The programming leans towards hypnotic techno and house.  It’s a space that brings the best out in DJs, where they can do their thing in the open air. It’s not the easiest club to get to, but your journey will be rewarded.Warung Beach Club 05Warung is a place that represents nightlife in its best shades. Such rare combination of nature and music ensures a fantastic time. Warung, Brazil is a must-visit destination. Its unique geographical advantage helps in building the appropriate environment where a person can have a memorable experience. It is the best option for partying when in south Brazil because of its impressive lineup of DJs, popular for making people move to their tunes. A person visiting Warung, Brazil will support the fact that ambience and people of Brazil put this beach club in another dimension. Warung beach club is in the heart of such scenic beauty that it could give the real paradise, if it is present, a run for its money. Described by some as a “temple,” the combined indoor/outdoor club has cemented its place as a home, and place of pilgrimage, for electronic music lovers Worldwide.

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Warung Beach Club

Av José Medeiros Vieira,
350 Praia Brava, Itajaí
SC, 88306-800 Brazil

Phone: +55 47 3348-7643