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Guaba Beach Club

Since 2006 (and at its new location in 2009), Guaba Beach Bar has been the pride of Cyprus and the port of Limassol. Guaba is their church!
No matter what day you visit the club, you’ll enjoy the Guaba World. Dance, swim, chill, party and live more- the days are too short for all the things you’ll want to do. When you are on the south coast of Cyprus, music is the medicine of the mind- go ahead make it happen. Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple.
Arguably one of the most debauched beach clubs on the planet, the venue recently faced animosity from local residents who begrudge its evolution from a tiny kiosk during the ’90s to a 2500 capacity club. Its continued growth in popularity is reflected as one the best clubs in the world, something no doubt generated by the venue’s free and easy attitude in the face of the authority’s determination to shut it down- and, of course, its taste for big-name DJs.


It’s not all “Ayia Napa” or the Holy Wooden Valley and the “Kokkinochoria” red colour of their soil when it comes to Cyprus clubbing. Whether you want to relax in an hammock drinking cocktails, chill out in a teepee smoking shisha, dance at the biggest foam party in Sunny Beach, enjoy a delicious BBQ on the beach, or win some money on a beach volleyball tournament,
Guava Beach Club (till 2013 Guaba Beach Bar)
is the most desirable jewel you can find on the sands of Sunny Beach resort. A place of calm and relaxation during hot summer days, transformed into a party beast at afternoon’s arrival.

Guaba, in the island’s second city Limassol, is flying the flag for a more discerning sound. The sound of Music, House Music, Trance, Progressive and Tech House beats, From the cool weekday atmosphere to the hot, crazy, unreal Sunday parties, at Guaba you can be sure that there’s something for everyone at all times.

Guaba Beach Club Mix Ghost Producer Jay Jurado

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Guaba Beach Club

Amathuntos 7
4531 Limassol, Cyprus
34°42’9.5″N 33°06’28.9″E
Phone: +357 96 682865