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Green Valley Club

Just getting ready for the 2016 Olympic Games, the number one club in the world now has a capacity of 8000 people.
Green Valley Night Club
Starting out in 2007 as a big makeshift tent in an open airfield, Green Valley started like all proper dance parties should: as, exactly that, a massive outdoor party. Since, though, the club has continued to evolve, adding new features to continually satisfy the high expectations of its classy clientele.
Green Valley Night Club 6A cream colored canopy arches over the dance floor, reflecting a myriad of disco lights. In the back, you can see and touch rainforest leaves and trees. The DJ performs from a stage that towers over the happy crowd like a huge throne, the dancers’ arms swing in wave movements to the beat.GreenValleyNightClubThe founders wanted to combine the lush green surroundings with their fancy dance venue. The size of the club area is about 10,000 square meters (roughly 2.5 acres). There are a couple of VIP lounges that offer great views of the dance floor, the three lakes on the property, and of course of the rain forest, too. The appeal of this club is clearly the mix of party life and relaxation.Green Valley Night Club 3The venue also hosts multiple bars, a pizzeria, and even a boutique selling merchandise where girls can get their hair styled. This isn’t just a club, it’s a tropical mega-mall where you can properly party. And when the sun rises at 6 AM to reveal the lush, green plantation of its surrounding valley as the beats are still thundering over its grateful congregation, this venue generates the breath-taking experience all true great clubs should.Green Valley Night Club 5Regardless of everything else — the jaw-dropping lightshow, CO2 cannons and confetti explosions — music is always the main focus. Green Valley is a place where people come to see the DJ, and not just be seen. Names like Afrojack, Showtek, Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Bob Sinclar and Hardwell are just a few of EDM’s most wanted who have charged energy in this place to dangerous levels in recent months, while the newly added Underline stage brings local talents with deeper, more underground sounds to a smaller side room.Green Valley Night Club 4It wasn’t always this way: Only since the emergence of the Brazilian middle class has there been the means for such partying on weekends. “Forget bossa nova”, wrote Forbes magazine, “Brazil is now the country Of electronic music.” Successful clubs like Green Valley symbolize the new affluence, and in a single night the club sometimes has a turnover of $ 1.6 million. Fun means big business: Together with the US, France, the UK and Germany, Brazil has become one of the leading electronic music markets.Green Valley Night Club 6A place that combines Brazil’s innate love of music with its people’s taste for the sensational, Green Valley is a place where the crowd are fully immersed in the thick of it. Whether you’re a glitzy VIP popping champagne in a private booth or getting sweaty in the main arena, the sonic experience is 360.

Green Valley Club Brazil

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Green Valley Club

Av. Rio Mamoré, 1083
Bairro Rio Pequeno,
Camboriú – SC, 88340-000, Brasil
27°02’14.5″S 48°37’33.1″W
(47) 9903-4303