Fabrik Club Mix Madrid Spain

Opened in 2003, Formerly a massive aircraft hangar, Fabrik is a 10,000 capacity club.  Fabrik has been constantly evolving and remodeling from the beginning to be established as one of the best clubs at national and international levels, Fabrik is considered to be one of the best clubs in the world and it’s not surprising why! The club offers 4 dance areas, secure parking, a terrace with 2 dance areas and 15 bars. Fabrik Club 10

It is a mega club located just on the outskirts of Madrid. Referred to as ‘The World’s Clubbing Mecca,’ Events at Fabrik include some of Spain’s largest techno, house, and trance nights. The club itself is composed of two sizeable hangars, featuring large-scale lighting rigs and ice machines to fill the giant space with smoke.  Fabrik Club 05Also part of the spectacle are laser shows and six video projection screens. In addition to the cavernous indoor space, Fabrik also features an outdoor terrace with its own river. The stage is triple-decker to accommodate large numbers of eager dancers, while the club’s location on the outskirts of the city means that the music can get pretty loud. Fabrik Club 06

Just like in the rest of Spain, people in Madrid go out very late. Dinner starts around 22:00, after this most Madrileños head out to the city for some drinks. They will not enter any club usually before 02:00. Most clubs close around 05:00 or 06:00, some even at 07:00 Fabrik makes a landmark leisure and clubbing culture in this country.

Here is our contribution to the Fabrik Club!

Club Fabrik Madrid Spain
82 Av. de la Industria,
28970 Humanes de Madrid
34 902 93 03 22