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Fabric Club London

The year was 1999 – just like the Prince song. Keith Reilly and Cameron Leslie had a plan to upgrade the UK Acid House Experience for 21st Century. They would convert a former meatpacking house into London’s institution for music, art and sound. Overtuning all expectations, they converted an old warehouse- exposing the brick work, refreshing the industrial space with attention to detail and sonic perfection that would put the British Capital’s electronic music scene on the global stage. Fabric became one of London’s premier venues- an immovable monument, a mega-club for a generation of Clubbers from all walks of Life.
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Fabric is an institution built on acquired taste and honest passion. Music rather than money drives the unstoppable force that this converted meat-packing factory has become. The three primary ingredients to its success are the overawing industrial setting, the main room’s warm engulfing sound system, and a crowd that came to trust Fabric implicitly as a forum for the sounds of tomorrow.
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If you were to study the art clubbing like any other science, there would be no better classroom than Fabric. Never sacrificing even the smallest shred of musical integrity, every genre imaginable has been represented and numerous musical boundary-breakers have performed, creating a perfect alchemy where clubbers would marvel. No visit to London would be complete without a visit to Fabric.
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Fabric is one of the top risk-taking clubs in the world. It arguably became the capital’s underground standard-bearer, never compromising its underground dance music vision in an ever-evolving scene.
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Situated in London’s white-collar corner, but housed in an old meat storage facility opposite Smithfields market, Fabric has been a contradiction of sorts. It became the most high-octane experience to be found in London. With minimalist stylings and a superlative soundsystem, it’s a juggernaut that very few on this planet could compete with.
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Let’s face it, there are few clubs in this world as solid as Fabric. It has always been a place that feels like home- a place where everything is somehow just right, a dependable gem. If a new sound rises, Fabric has been the first major club to stick their neck out and give it that vital platform.
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Fabric London J Jurado Club Mix JJdDJ 592

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Fabric Club London

Address: 77a Charterhouse Street,
London, England

51°31’10.4″N 0°06’9.1″W

Phone: +44 20 7336 8898
Web: fabriclondon.com