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DC10 Ibiza Club Spain

It was July 1999 when the infamous CircoLoco Parties started. Imagine a party that begins at 6 AM on a Monday morning- right after Space’s 24-hour Sunday party ends just 2700 meters (1.6 miles) away. In other words, you end your party Monday 5:55 AM at Space Club Ibiza, get a designated driver, and 5 minutes later you are at DC-10- ready to party another 24 hours!

Talking about another indulgent hedonistic 48 hours experience, CircoLoco’s founding promoters Andrea and Antonio were right- a virtually unknown location like a small farmhouse at the end of the airport runway could become one of the best known clubbing destinations on the planet. It gained notoriety due to the hedonistic and no-holds-barred afterhour sessions of their Monday daytime party CircoLoco.

DC10 is already etched firmly into the history books of dance music culture. It has become a symbol for the true underground spirit, with a brand and imagery that’s often imitated but never duplicated. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which once again confirms CircoLoco’s reputation as hedonist’s hideout- delivering an authentic underground experience in Ibiza.

While it may not be the largest or longest running of Ibiza’s famed club empires, many consider DC-10 the pinnacle of the island’s dance destinations. There are plenty of dance music venues around the world that resemble an aircraft hangar, but DC-10 is literally a reclaimed and reinvented hangar on the road heading into and out of Playa d’en Bossa. It’s complemented by a second room, as well as a large outdoor area to enjoy the sun during Ibiza’s beautiful daytime weather. Two rooms of music allow DC-10 to pack in twice the weekly fun of its original layout, keeping it atop the must-visit list for clubbers making their annual summer pilgrimage.

DC-10 is of the first reasons that any true clubber should consider booking an Easyjet flight to the White Isle. There’s something unnaturally consuming about its sultry vortex and VOID sound system every time you step into it. The thing with DC10 is, it all becomes a bit of a blur. Your body moves naturally to the music. It’s like your hips detach themselves from you and attach themselves to the music instead. The only sense of time you have once your phone battery dies (which always happens at the beginning of the night) is the color of the sky outside, and how many people are in the club. Now famous for being famous, as much as anything else, DC-10 has reached its elevated position thanks to the unique experience it offers in Ibiza’s vast clubbing environment. It’s a no-holds-barred, hedonistic, dance-your-socks off fiesta that is totally off the radar.

In contrast to the rest of Ibiza’s clubs, DC-10 still does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know and there for one reason: the music. Its longevity and success are ultimately thanks to a devotion to consistently providing quality underground electronic music.

The automatic touch point for anyone visiting the golden sands of Ibiza with a flavour for stripped-back techno and funky deep house, DC-10 is the primary destination for underground dance music.

DC10 Ibiza Club Spain Jay Jurado Mix JJdDJ 560

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DC10 Ibiza Club Spain

Ctra Salinas KM 1
Ses Salinas
Ibiza – España
Balearics, Spain

38°52′49″N 1°23′34.5″E

Phone: +34 674 68 1952