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Aquarius Zrce Beach Club Novalja Croatia

It all started in 1992 at Zrce Beach in Croatia. Located on the island of Pag in the Adriatic Sea, Zrce Beach is one of the most active party beaches of Europe. The island is only 2 km (1.25 miles) away from the city of Novalja. The beach is near the city of Zadar, the next largest cities being Split and Rijeka. The club operates during the day as a beach bar and restaurant, with legendary after-beach parties starting in the afternoon. The regular clubbing events are held at night.The Aquarius club is a synonym for great entertainment, so it isn’t surprising that its varied services expand on the warm and beautiful Croatian coast in the summer season. With the sea, summer and music as the main motivations in building something new, attractive and fun for its loyal audience – in 2002 Aquarius opened their modern and unique club on the Zrce Beach , situated in Novalja on the island of Pag.Zrce Beach has firmly established itself as one of the places to be when it comes to Croatian clubbing, and that’s in no small part thanks to Aquarius. The venue sports two dancefloors and pool, opening its doors for a three-month summer season that sees it play host to a number of the country’s most popular destination festivals, like Ultra Europe, Sonus, Hideout, Croatia Rocks, Fresh Island, Barrakud, Outlook, Dimensions, The Garden and others.While the space has been open for a grand total of 15 years, the last 12 months have seen a new main stage and backstage area constructed to cater for the seriously heavyweight DJs that grace the decks there. Combine that with JBL, EAW and L-Acoustics sound systems and it’s fair to say a good experience is had by all, which goes some way to explaining why Aquarius has leapt up the rankings as a major clubbing destination. As it continues to gain on fellow Zrce Beach institutions Papaya and Noa, the question is: will Aquarius steal the top spot as Croatia’s number one club? Only time will tell…Since its beginnings in Zagreb, Aquarius has offered its guests only the best kind of musical entertainment – from huge world-renowned names to musicians and DJs that have narrowly defined their respective genres. Aquarius is well-known exactly for the fact that it doesn’t compromise on standards, constantly seeking new and modern approaches on parties and design. The club has become very famous for its great after-beach parties, so you shouldn’t be surprised if almost every guest of the beautiful beach directs you towards Aquarius in the afternoon hours.Aquarius is a bar, disco and swimming pool where the party never ends and the music plays up to 24 hours a day. The club works all day long as a beach bar and restaurant, While every afternoon turns into real club, with the after-beach and party foam into large central pool, While in the evening the place breaks loose with theme parties, events and concerts featuring the world’s best djs. In addition to the large pool, the club has indoor and outdoor dancefloors, lounge and vip spaces, Console, different areas bar and terraces with a wonderful view of the Zrce Beach. It’s the perfect place to dance or sip a drink while watching the sun set and rise on the beach.

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Aquarius Zrce Beach Club Novalja Croatia

Address: Zrce, 53291, Novalja, Croatia
Hours:  · 9AM–8PM, 10PM–5AM

44° 32′ 21.0876” N 14° 54′ 51.012” E38°52′49″N 1°23′34.5″E

Phone: +385 91 364 0241