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Amnesia Club

It was May of 1976 on the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza, Spain. Antonio Escohotado, a young man with a degree in philosophy, made a deal with Maria Fuencisla Martinez de Campos y Muñoz, a widow and landlady from an aristocratic background, and rented a house that was built at the end of the 18th century. Paying only 20,000 Pesetas ($130) per month, he created a discotheque amnesia-15bThe Workshop of Forgetfulness. The rhythms of disco gave start to a new hedonistic way of life, and he realized that a single word from Greek etymology could explain it all: Amnesia. The island’s most authentic discotheque was born.

amnesia-18bIn 1978, a manufacturer from Madrid named Ginés Sánchez took over Amnesia. From that moment a decade of ups and downs began, during which unexpected closings of the discotheque alternated with glorious summers in full-on competition against the other discotheques, such as Ku (now Privilege), Pacha, Glory’s and Lola’s.

amnesia-08In the 1980s a young Basque Prontxio Izaguirre brought fresh ideas to Ibiza night life and helped to spread the fame of Amnesia throughout Europe. Basque was initially linked to Ku and became the leading character in the most famous events at the old house in San Rafael, gaining international recognition thanks to the important renowned artists performing at the venue and its pristine sound and lighting systems.

amnesia-02With the music and scene rapadly changing Amnesia went from egg-carton soundproofing to a new, captivating and powerful sound system. Dance music had arrived: the fusion of pop and funk blurred, hip-hop, breakdancing and rap melted together, and a free style of mixing began with a new sound that originated from the undreground clubs of Chicago. House music was about to take over.

amnesia-07At the beginning of the 1990s the dance revolution started at full swing. The Berlin wall came down and house music went international. The night of the June 22, 1991 is still remembered on the island as the historical day of re-openings. Thousands of young people invaded Amnesia, marking the beginning of the latest and the most fruitful era in this temple of sound. amnesia-10Amnesia grew from four bars to sixteen, from thirty employees to almost three hundred in midsummer, including waiters, spectacular go-go dancers, security, light-jockeys and office workers. By 1999 the UN proclaimed Ibiza a cultural heritage.

amnesia-14Nowadays, at the beginning of the XXI century, Amnesia’s pristine sound systems have always played a key role in the club’s success. At present the venue is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system called Xpanded Amnesia Technology. It utilizes dynamic digital audio processors which analyze and enhance specific frequencies to actually make your body shake, giving the feeling of a sonic massage.

amnesia-09The current Amnesia programming reflects the latest trends in electronic dance music and caters to all tastes and ages. The 7 nights per week packed events in Amnesia repeatedly show that the club is always ahead of the game- no matter how trends and times change.

Amnesia Club Ibiza

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Amnesia Club

Carretera Ibiza a San Antonio,
Km 5, 07816
San Rafael, Illes Balears,
(Ibiza) España

38° 56′ 52″ N, 1° 24′ 29″ E

Phone: +34 971 19 80 41