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Sirena Club

In 1993 The Brazilian electronic scene began to form with the Sirena beach club located on the beach of Maresias, Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Brazilian desire for dance music has ballooned in the last few years due to its buoyant economy and a desire to ape the high-rolling EDM excesses of its North American neighbours, Sirena’s pedigree will welcome the legal Drinking age of young people in the USA as shown by the fact that 2014 welcomes its 21th anniversary. Sirena Club Brazil 003

Helping to support the beautiful beach town of Maresias, a popular weekend escape from Sao Paulo, with a capacity of 4000+ Less than 200 meters from the beach of Maresias, Sirena is one of the main points of hectic north coast, bringing together different tribes on Saturdays and holidays. Sirena Club Brazil 004

So successful since its opening, Sirena is a nightclub and discotheque between the beach and one of the largest Brazilian forests. All it takes is a second inside the prosperity grounds of Sirena to create it, it’s a club that values the natural world over modern artifices. Rather than providing sci fi vision of a space futuristic, Sirena’s innovation lies in the artistic use of the luscious plantation in its very back garden. Consisting of two dancefloors one indoor, the other on an outside patio area Sirena is, put simply, a club inside a rainforest. Decked with wooden platforms with seating, numerous bars and VIP areas enveloped by greenery with a colorful glow, busy with hypnotic lasers, Sirena is a hedonistic rush of the senses a nebulous wave of energy, a spiral of neon light and booming sound. Sirena Club Brazil 000

The club is frequented by people of different ages ranging 18–60 years, and is well known and much sought after by people interested in dancing, drinking and having fun with friends and meeting new people. A walking ground for immaculately dressed Brazilians, Sirena is a very popular club on the coast of Sao Paulo and is reputed to be one of the best clubs in South America. Visited by people from all over the world, especially Europe and The USA. Looking for a natural concept of electronic music entertainment, it’s easy to be found around one of the most famed clubs in the planet.

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Here is our Contribution to the Club!

Sirena Club
Rua Romao Cesar Sebastian, 418
11600-000 Maresias,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 30770020