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Green Valley Club Brazil Jay Jurado Mix JJdDJ 494

Green Valley Club Just getting ready for the 2016 Olympic Games, the number one club in the world now has a capacity of 8000 people. Starting out in 2007 as a big makeshift tent in an open airfield, Green Valley started like all proper dance parties should: as, exactly that, a massive outdoor party. Since,…
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BCM Planet Dance Mallorca Spain J Jurado Mix 519

BCM Planet Dance BCM  Planet Dance is the Biggest Nightclub in Mallorca, and has been nominated the 5th best club in the World. Cavernous, outrageous and lots of fun, BCM is Magaluf's flagship nightclub. Based upon a huge staircase above the Mallorcan resort's infamous strip, the 7,000 capacity venue is a haven for holiday makers…
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