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Octagon Club

Well in November 2011, offering up true Gangnam style from the district made world famous by Psy’s viral hit, Octagon was open. It is just over three years old but has already made a huge impact in the South Korean capital.  If you’re looking to sample some of the best nightlife in Seoul and you’re wondering where to go, you should definitely visit Octagon.

OCTAGON-001The club scene in Seoul has a vast array of choices but there are really only two sides to it – Hongdae and Gangnam. In Hongdae you can expect a raw, hipster, artsy club scene with unique venues that will range from a club made out of an old parking garage to a basement packed wall to wall with college students.


Gangnam is different. It’s more for the seasoned clubbers who have a particular taste in their music, venue and crowd. South of the Han River in Gangnam, the areas of Cheongdam, Sinsa and Nonhyeon are the three centres of the high-end club life – all within close proximity of each other. In this affluent part of Seoul you’ll find a unique experience in each venue, multiple house genres and the crowd anywhere from post-graduate students and wealthy businessmen to models. So if you’re in Gangnam and feeling like partying high class, without hundreds of college kids doing the shuffle dance, here are three of the kind of venues you’re looking for.OCTAGON-0004

Octagon is the No.1 club in South Korea and will be the first in the world equipped with surround sound technology presented by Funktion One. South Korea is a country in the middle of an economic boom.  The club’s tech design and interior reflect this self-confident affluence and an aesthetically pleasing crowd with Funktion One sound, top Pioneer spec across the two rooms, restaurants serving everything from the finest steak to lobster and even an indoor pool.OCTAGON-008

As one of the newest nightclubs in Seoul, it has its own unique style. Everything is brand new but it reminds you of a cool underground hideout. This has given Octagon a reputation for being the place to be seen! The music is very deep and it’s dimly lit. Octagon’s trying to stand out from the other main clubs. They have the best sound system in Seoul even in the large pool inside the club, where hired dancers perform on certain events. It is not as segmented or massive as Club Ellui, but it is noticeably bigger than Club Answer. Boasting two powerful arenas, the club offers a wide variety of electronic music from some of the most influential international and Korean artists throughout the weekend offering deep tech house music helping spread the deep house revolution with a sophisticated palette to match anywhere in Europe.OCTAGON-0005

If you are looking for an unusual dining experience in an unexpected place, Octagon also offers a variety of food and drinks in their lounge with a more casual atmosphere than the usual club Lounge. This club has something to satisfy even the most selective palates! It is a Club + Dining + Bar + Lounge: what else do you want?   Have fun, eat, listen, dance and enjoy your evening, you never know what will happen at Octagon.

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Octagon Club

B1/B2 New Hilltop Hotel,
152 Nonhyeon-dong,
Seoul, South Korea.
Phone: +82-2-516-8847