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Anzu Club

In 1997 what started, as the acquisition of one of the most lucrative restaurants in Sao Paulo, is now a 3000+ people capacity SuperClub that has 17 years of entertainment in its DNA.  Not only that but has hosted an arm-long list of DJs over its existence.  Anzu is actually 100km (62 Miles) outside the big metropolis of Sao Paulo, in the city of Itu close to Campinas, Sorocaba and Jundiai in Brazil, it attracts about 25,000 clubbers every month.Party/night

Anzu A Japanese translation of “apricot” seems rather a bizarre motif for a club based in an altogether opposing cultural landscape.  Anzu club is an incredible experience. Less than an hour from São Paulo, it has an amazing soundsystem and beautiful people. It’s really nice to play in a place built for people that love good music, its music policy is big, brash and opulent, matching the club’s décor, Many of the region’s beautiful people – and there are lots – swarm the club’s three large areas every weekend.Anzu Club Brazil 02On the surface, big room sounds might appear to be the modus operandi of Itu’s gigantic SuperClub that started out as a Japanese restaurant.  Anzu radiates a great vibe that mixes fluid and electronic, with creative Flash and amazing usability.  Anzuclub is divided into three different levels (Main Stage, Mezzanine, and Terrace Area) and is becoming a national Brazilian reference and the destiny for thousands of clubbers every weekend. Music is their business and as one of the best Clubs in the World, it has been featured in the TOP 100 Clubs Worldwide, being one of the TOP 10 best clubs in South America, much to the delight of Anzu’s many avid followers.Anzu Club Brazil 03

Anzu club culture, too, is becoming an ever more important presence on the global stage. Anzu is one of an increasing number of clubs in the Portuguese speaking South American country that are beckoning in home grown electronic music fans, not to mention the world’s best DJs. pushing the soundsystem to overdrive.

Anzu Club Brazil

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Anzu Club
Address: Av. Tiradentes, 2555
Parque Industrial, Itu
SP, 13309-640, Brazil

+55 11 4024-8810